About Us

Fusion RX provides professional pharmacy IT consultants to support the needs of client hospitals and their affiliates.

Our business model is unique in that we hire the very best pharmacy professionals who are also strong in information technologies, rather than hiring IT professionals and trying to teach them the pharmacy end of it.

At Fusion RX we are singularly committed to:

  • Specialty Pharmacy start up, implementation, and optimization
  • CPOE (Med/IV Content Development) System Design, Implementation, and Post-Implementation Optimization
  • Hospital Pharmacy Computer System Implementation and Support
  • Pharmacy Consulting Services

Healthcare systems are in perpetual need of implementation support for health information systems, pharmacy information systems, and associated automation installation and upgrades.  Although the system vendors provide implementation guidance, the responsibility for the system build, testing, and system design are the responsibility of the health system client.  The healthcare system client may not have the necessary resources (staff and knowledge) to support the implementations.  Ideally the client (health system) should free up resources to support the installations, but that requires back filling positions (difficult in a time of clinician shortages).  The average length of implementation is 3 months to 24 months depending on resource availability, complexity of installation, and other parallel projects/installations.  FusionRX, LLC is the portal where knowledgeable resources (system implementation specialists) are matched with the implementation projects.  The customers for FusionRX, LLC are both the system vendors and client healthcare systems.

What are the Benefits?

Both the system vendors and the client health systems are “resource-strapped”.

  • Professional Resource Support
    • System installations and upgrades require “temporary” resource support of these projects.
      • Some large healthcare systems hire full time project managers and implementation support staff in the area of pharmacy informatics.
      • Smaller healthcare systems may not have the financial resources to make such investments.
      • System vendors have cyclical need (depending on sales cycle and volume of sales) for system implementation support.

Instead of hiring full time staff, both the system vendors and the healthcare system clients hire consultants and implementation specialists to support the temporary resource needs.  By outsourcing the implementation support, the healthcare system does not need to hire full time staff, or backfill for resources allocated to the project.  The system can focus on taking care of patients and the outsourced consultants can focus on completing the project in a timely manner.  The system vendors prefer to have a point of contact with the client to manage the project through to completion (advantageous for both the health system client and the system vendor).

Who are we?

We are the Portal that connects the implementation specialists with the IT vendors and Healthcare System Vendors.

FusionRX combines the expertise in pharmacy system implementations with recruiting expertise.  FusionRX matches the Demand from the IT Vendors and Healthcare systems with the Supply of qualified implementation specialists from Independent contractors and Consulting firms.