Fusion RX provides the very best professional pharmacy IT consultants to support the needs of client hospitals and their affiliates.

Pharmacy Professionals Supporting Pharmacy Professionals!

Our service model is unique in the industry in that we hire the very best pharmacy professionals who are also strong in information technologies, rather than hiring IT professionals and trying to teach them the pharmacy side.

With our consultants we can delivery a variety of pharmacy consulting services:


  CPOE (Med/IV Content Development) System Design, Implementation, and Post-Implementation Optimization. Hospital Pharmacy Computer System Implementation and Support Pharmacy Consulting Services
Use our skilled consultants to supplement your in-house resources to overcome the challenges of CPOE implementation and optimization. Use our skill consultants to supplement your pharmacy team during implementation of pharmacy computer systems and Med Administration Checking. Use our skilled consultants for assistance in Cost Anaylsis, Report Writing, Upgrade Testing and Training.
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