Implementation Support

Healthcare systems are in perpetual need of implementation support for health information system, pharmacy information systems, and associated automation installation and upgrades. Although the system vendors provide implementation guidance, the responsibility for the system build, testing, and system design are the responsibility of the health system client. The healthcare system client may not have the necessary resources (staff and knowledge) to support the implementations. Ideally the health care system should free up resources to support the implementations, but that requires back filling positions (difficult in a time of clinician shortages). FusionRX implementation consultants provide the implementation support and expertise to ensure a timely implementation, allowing the heath care system resources to focus on patient care and daily operations.

FusionRX has successfully supported the following system implementations:

SoarianĀ® CPOE, Siemens Pharmacy, Carefusion, Siemens Med Administration Checkā„¢, Meditech, McKesson Pharmacy.